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How to use candlelight to relax

When we think about candles, we always think first of birthday cake or romantic dinners. However, candles have many underestimated powers! The best time to enjoy the beauty of candlelight is alone, during a total relaxing moment.

You know, it is not without significance that candles are used around the world in many religious and spiritual events. Your soul can be touched by the flame’s illumination. The calming effect of candlelight is one of the best tools to reduce anxiety. So, why wait? Make candles part of your daily routine!

How can you make the most from your candles? First, you need to choose the right candles.

  • Which ones? Is it better to use soy or beeswax candles because paraffin candles can be unhealthy if you use them often. Soy and beeswax candles are biodegradable, renewable, and not toxic.
  • Think color. It is possible to find many different colors, but when you want to relax, it is better to select neutral colors, such as pastels, soft pink, or white.
  • What about smell? A nice smell could be very pleasant. However, you should avoid artificially scented candles. It is better to use candles that have been infused with natural essential oils.

What are the best times and places to use your candles?

  • Morning or evening. Choose a nice place in your home with a comfortable seat and then light your candles. While sitting, focus on the flames and think about the flames’ beauty. Breathe slowly through your nose.
  • It is possible to light a candle at your desk. Take the opportunity of short breaks to look at it and relax.
  • In the bath. Instead of reading books, light candles and relax.

As you can see, you can use the power of candlelight in many circumstances. So let’s use them to relax!