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Pumpkin puree with tuna

Pumpkin puree with tuna
Preparation time:
10 min
Cooking time:
20 min
For 4 people
Pumpkin puree with tuna


1 pumpkin
1 L mineral water
1 tbsp thyme
200 g ricotta
300 g canned tuna


Peel the pumpkin and cut into small cubes.
Put in a pan and cover with mineral water. Heat. Once the water has evaporated, add more to cover the pumpkin. Repeat until a purée is obtained.
Away from the heat, add the ricotta and thyme.
Add the drained tuna.
Energy Total carbs Sugar Total fat Saturated fat Omega 3 Fibers Sodium
240.2 Kcal 12.2 g 4.0 g 15.2 g 10.2 g 0.3 g 2.6 g 184.5 g

The nutritionist's advice:

With this method of cooking by reduction there is no need to use any fat, and most of the vitamin and mineral content is preserved.