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Why get checked?


with Angina

What do I need to pay attention to?​

The risk factors1

The following factors play an important role in a person’s chances of developing angina. You may have one or more but don’t worry, you can be proactive by making lifestyle changes.

The possible complications1, 2

The pain or discomfort caused by angina may interfere with some of your daily activities and require rest. However, the most serious complication that can occur is a myocardial infarction, also called heart attack, which can lead to cardiac arrest. This is why it is important to listen carefully to your doctor’s recommendations and to make some lifestyle changes.

How is angina diagnosed?1


of patients have

What should I ask my doctor?4

Use this checklist to help you prepare for your next doctor visit

Let’s get angina under control!​

To get angina under control, download the AnginaControl application on App Store or get it on Google Play​!

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